Not a chapter, pt. 2

Yesterday, when I ordinarily would have been writing today’s chapter, was once again eaten up by traveling. I will try to post something later today, if I can get anything done while waiting at the clinic.

Don’t let anyone try to sell you on socialized medicine. I’m going to be spending today during at the clinic, hoping to be seen before the cows come home, in the full expectation of being told nothing I didn’t already know.

3 thoughts on “Not a chapter, pt. 2

    1. Getting there, thanks! DH is mostly recovered, as is the Young Master. Now I just need my throat to clear up so I can launch my SubscribeStar properly.

      My birthday was the 23rd, just two days before a long weekend, so we took the opportunity to hop over to Apia in Western Samoa from Pago Pago, where DH’s job has us now. I should have a post up soon ish at Lowrey Family Adventures for details on the trip, but suffice to say that Apia is much wealthier than Pago, and the exchange rate is favorable.


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